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Our Story

What happens when one person has a vision for how nature and technology can work together?

Our story starts with a man who was so inspired by his acres of rubber trees and the power of technology that he was propelled to combine them to revolutionize the tire industry. This vision ignited a passion for exceptionalism and the expectation of quality at every level.

The result? A tire company that makes exceptional quality accessible to all.

Today, Sentury Tire USA produces summer and winter tires for passenger cars, ultra high-performance vehicles, SUVs, CUVs, light trucks and off-road vehicles, using this revolutionary technology. Our proven quality standards are evident in both of our factories, and our Thailand factory is regarded as one of the most advanced in the tire industry. We recently expanded to our new headquarters in Hialeah, Florida, where we distribute a range of brands including Sentury, Delinte, Landsail, GroundSpeed and Pantera, comprising more than 3,000 SKUs. We proudly serve our customers from our California and Florida offices and warehouses. Our warehouse and factory direct programs and a full customer service team are here to meet the needs of both our partners and consumers.

Established in 2009, our parent company Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd., is a global manufacturer of consumer, commercial, and aircraft tires, including the tires developed for the main landing gear of the Boeing 737-700/800/900 aircrafts. Our global sales network extends to more than 150 countries across North, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia.

Sentury has also been awarded the 4.0 “Smart Factory” status.
This highly sought-after accreditation is reserved for factories that measure up to strict standards of sustainability, productivity, production and time to market – or what we like to call — “intelligent manufacturing”. We were able to achieve this status by incorporating Cimcorp’s “dream factory concept” into our factories, which features six independent automation lines with monorail systems, Machine Visual Technology (MVT) software for automating x-ray imaging analysis, and (VMI) Maxx technology for radial passenger tire building. These automations ensure our factories are operating at their maximum potential for quality output, while also maintaining our competitive standards of safety and sustainability.

What do these technological enhancements mean for you? Quality.
When you order tires from Sentury Tire USA, they’ll be produced using the most up-to-date, energy efficient, cutting edge machinery, and the most stringent safety standards. We pride ourselves on being able to customize orders based on our unique client needs, using our wide range of offerings and competitive timeframes.

Due to our strict and meticulous management, we also meet International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines globally and have successfully obtained ISO certification at all levels of research and development, material supply, production process and logistics. We are ranked among the top 40 tire companies in the world.

We hope you enjoy the Sentury Tire USA online experience. We are here to provide you with the exact information you need. Let us know if we can assist you in any way by reaching out to us at

Core Values

At Sentury Tire USA, we measure our success by how closely we adhere to these following core values:

Core Value 1: Quality is Our First Priority

Quality is our first priority. All Sentury Tire USA values are built on this.

Core Value 2: We Are Inspired by Technology

New technology greatly impacts our company on every level so we incorporate forward-thinking into our products, warehousing, and factories.

Core Value 3: We Are Fueled by Innovation

Our product development is defined by innovative technology and a passion for our industry.

Core Value 4: We Are Sustainability Minded

We respect that our products begin with nature and are committed to using the best, sustainable practices in our business model.

Core Value 5: We Value Relationships

We uphold an environment of integrity that values its employees and partner relationships.

Core Value 6: We Are Focused on Optimization

We are committed to creating exceptional products and pursuing excellence through optimization. We work with our valued technology partners for the best possible outcomes.

The Facts

  • Sentury Tire USA proudly serves our customers from our Florida headquarters with a full customer service team offering warehouse and factory direct programs in California, to meet the needs of both our partners and consumers.
  • Sentury Tire is headquartered in Qingdao China, where it has produced industry-leading tires since 2009.
  • Our state-of-the-art, fully-automated factories in Thailand and China produce a groundbreaking 33 million Passenger Car Radial (PCR), Light Truck (LT) and Truck/Bus Radial (TBR) tires per year using the highest standards of quality.
  • We’ve been awarded the prestigious Industry 4.0 recognition of “Smart Factory” status due to building the most advanced fully-automated tire factory within the industry.
  • We have integrated Cimcorp’s green tire handling equipment into all of our factories, which features independent automation lines and monorail systems for record-breaking output.
  • Sentury’s world class aircraft tires are prominently used on the Boeing 737 700/800/900 series.
  • Our production line is optimized with VMI Maxx technology, a two-drum machine for radial passenger tire building that maximizes output capacity and green tire quality.
  • Our Machine Visual Technology (MVT) software automates x-ray imaging analysis and reduces human error, enhancing our safety credentials.
  • Our broad market appeal is enhanced through the variety of our brand options, including Sentury, Delinte, Landsail, GroundSpeed and Pantera.
  • Sentury provides ongoing strategic marketing support for all of its brands that in turn support our partners and end consumers.
  • Due to our strict and meticulous management, we meet International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines globally and have successfully obtained ISO certification at all levels.
  • Starting with its own raw materials, Sentury Tire USA designs and manufactures quality passenger and light truck tires, unique plus size fitments and staggered options. Our fitments surpass Tier 1 and Tier 2 brands within specific Ultra High-Performance product ratings, and in value.

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