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Miami, FL (Dec.13, 2019) – Sentury Tire officially announces the rebrand of Delinte Tires as part of their new brand strategy to target a new generation of customers.
“With our Delinte brand strategy it is critical for us to extend our reach to younger consumers. The Delinte rebrand speaks directly to a young demographic looking for their first replacement tires,” said Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President for Sentury Tire. “Through our rebranding process, we have found that this particular demographic considers accessorizing their cars to be an important part of their social lives. We want Delinte to maximize engagement through our interactive and intuitive website, offering them the precise tire information they are looking for in the palm of their hand. Our focus is on the mobile-first generation, looking for a high-quality tire that delivers performance and style.” 

Delinte will partner with various social media influencers to tap into a community of young drivers who range from extreme-sport enthusiasts to off-road weekend warriors. The refreshed Delinte visual language speaks to this younger demographic, along with updated colors, textures, and photography treatments. New print advertisements in both trade and consumer publications will include the new Delinte look and feel with messaging focused on the “Relentless” state-of-mind: “Relentless quality for relentless adventure.” 
For Delinte’s performance-focused consumers, a large number of staggered fitments are readily available. The Staggered Collective campaign will launch in 2020 and focus on ultra-high performance staggered fitments for performance passenger cars and SUVs. 

“Delinte Tires has spent the past decade focusing on building strong relationships with our customers. To support our customers even further, the Delinte rebrand and our expanded marketing efforts will work hand-in-hand with new products, new product sizes and the continued commitment to relentless quality,” said Maxwell Wee.
In line with the new rebranding, a new mobile-first website was launched at the 2019 SEMA Show, showcasing all aspects of the Delinte Tire rebrand. See it here at