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Hialeah, FL, November 1, 2023: Sentury Tires is providing an exclusive preview of the 2023 VW ID. Buzz Cargo Van at the 2023 SEMA show, three new tire series from Delinte Tires, and expanded ranges of Commercial tires from both Delinte TBR, and GroundSpeed TBR.

Sentury will also be showcasing three builds in partnership with Jamie Orr, and Esteem Garage.

Volkswagen’s brand new all-electric cargo van, currently only available in European markets, was transported to be showcased at Sentury Tires’ Booth. This build, which was a collaboration between Sentury Tires, famed Volkswagen enthusiast Jamie Orr, and Germany’s Auto Ōstringer, features Landsail Tires and aftermarket support from partners Rotiform and H&R; it can be seen at Booth #44071 in the South Hall.

“We asked Jamie if a Buzz would be possible for the show this year and he called us 15 minutes later to say he had secured the Buzz Cargo,” said Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President for Sentury Tire. “The result is what you’ll see here at our booth.”

The ID. Buzz is the only Volkswagen Cargo Van being featured at SEMA. For photos of the build, please visit: 2023 VW ID. Buzz PR

Also at the booth, Delinte Tires is presenting three innovative new performance tires, including a first-of-its-kind Powerline tire. Delinte’s new tire line includes:

DYNAMX SPORT DS2 Ultra-High Performance Powerline Tire
Sport Touring DST1 All-Season Ultra High-Performance tire
Sport Touring DST2 All-Season SUV/CUV Touring Tire

For more information and images of these tires, please visit: Delinte SEMA 2023 PR

Another exciting display is GroundSpeed TBR's expanded commercial tire range with four new tire models:

GSVS03 Open-Shoulder Regional Tire
GSVX01 Mixed-Service Drive Tire
GSZX01 Mixed-Service All-Position Wide Tire
GSZX03 Mixed Service All-Position Tire

These models are designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability for specific trucking conditions. View or download the new GroundSpeed TBR Catalog and product photos here: GroundSpeed TBR 2023 PR

Additionally, Delinte TBR is proud to showcase seven new tire models at the 2023 SEMA show:

DL-AP-R01 All-Position Regional Tire
DL-CSD-R01 Closed Shoulder Drive Regional Tire
DL-TRL-L01 Trailer Long Haul Tire
DL-AP-C01 All-Position
DL-APW-C01 All-Position Wide
DL-OSD-R01 Open Shoulder Drive Regional Tire
DL-APM-C01 All-Position Mixed Service

Delinte TBR tires offer a comprehensive range to meet the diverse requirements of trucking needs. View or download the new Delinte TBR Catalog and product images here: Delinte SEMA 2023 PR

In addition to the exciting new products showcased in the booth, Sentury will also be presenting three remarkable feature vehicles outside, each representing a unique blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge tire technology. These vehicles will be showcased in front of the main entrance to the south hall:

  • Adventure-Ready 1998 Volkswagen LT Sprinter Van by Jaime Orr X Landsail Tires

  • 2023 GMC Sierra 6x6 by Esteem Garage
    Esteem Garage, based in Doral FL, presents the 2023 GMC Sierra 6x6, equipped with the latest FOX Suspension and wrapped with Delinte DX-12 R/T Tires.

  • 2023 Ford Raptor 6x6 by Esteem Garage
    Esteem Garage takes innovation to the next level with the 2023 Ford Raptor 6x6, featuring the premier Landsail CLX-10 All Terrain Tires.

Sentury Tire USA is committed to revolutionizing the tire industry to provide you with unmatched top-tier performance and safety on the road.