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Miami, FL (Feb 3, 2020) – Sentury Tire USA officially announced the launch of Landsail’s new website, Landsail’s refreshed and reframed online presence is just one of the new consumer touch-points in the Landsail Tires rebranding strategy for 2020. The site showcases the new brand identity and messaging, which emphasizes Landsail Equipped: Quality, Research, Performance and Confidence, to an informed and educated demographic.

“Through our brand development research we found that the Landsail customer is savvy when it comes to online research,” says Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President of Sentury Tire USA. “They don’t make a major purchase like buying tires without doing their homework and they know how to make an educated purchase that fits their budget. Given this information, we have taken care to thoroughly explain the key features and benefits of our products.”

“Our goal was to make the website easy to navigate so that consumers can maximize their time researching the right product rather than wasting time searching for it,” continues Maxwell Wee.

Landsail offers a more thorough search capability on the website that allows the customer to search by tire category or wheel size. If “Search by Wheel, 17-inch wheel” is selected, a list of all 17-inch options show alongside an image of each respective product, with each available size. If you click on your specific size, the link takes you to the exact size in the data table on that product page. This type of simplified product search makes it more efficient for all users, directing them to exactly what they are searching for. Throughout the 2020 rollout, Landsail will continue to provide more search options including Search by Year, Make and Model, and for the enthusiasts, a Search by Staggered fitment. Additionally, vehicle images appear when a particular tire is selected allowing the user to see the Landsail product in application.

The product search options will be a great resource for dealers to find sizes quickly and easily. Dealers can also access a Salesforce login, dealer inquiry info, a downloadable catalog and a warranty brochure on the new site.

The website has been optimized with lifestyle content including a real-time social media feed, an image gallery, and videos. Landsail will also be partnering with social media influencers in order to inspire enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike.