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Miami, FL (Dec. 10, 2019) – Today, Sentury Tire officially announces the new mobilefirst website, This new website is just one of the new consumer touchpoints in the Delinte Tires rebrand strategy for 2020. The site showcases the new Delinte Tire Brand identity and messaging, which is focused on a younger demographic and was launched this year at the 2019 SEMA Show.

“We want Delinte to be the tire brand that offers young tire buyers the tire information that they are looking for, and more, where they look first, on their phone. Our focus is on this mobile-first generation looking for a high-quality tire that delivers performance and style,” says Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President of Sentury Tire. The website proudly features the first of many Delinte Tire brand influencers, Jamie Orr, who is the official vehicle modifier for Volkswagen USA. Following his Delinte interview during SEMA 2019, Jamie embarked on a nine-country, 17 day, 8,500-mile road trip over the Andes Mountains in South America and Patagonia in his custom-built 400HP VW GTI Rallywagen. This ultra-high performance Volkswagen® is equipped with the Delinte Ultra-High Performance, All-Season D7. Delinte social engagement on Instagram is also featured on the website via a social feed so consumers can see stories like Jamie’s in real-time.

With split-screen videos on the homepage, the consumer is navigated towards a simple and clear distinction between Light Truck and SUV products on the left and Passenger and CUV products on the right side of the screen. Large, easy navigation on the homepage take the user to their desired products without having to navigate through information that does not apply to their needs. All other navigation options are neatly tucked under the Delinte Logo via the “hamburger” icon, giving the site a clean mobile-first user experience. In 2020, we will continue to offer more functionality to the way consumers can search for their tires: Search by Staggered fitment, Search by Vehicle and Search by Wheel Diameter. Maxwell Wee added, “The staggered fitment search options will work hand-in-hand with our 2020 Staggered Collective consumer campaign, which speaks to a large number of young consumers searching for fitment options for their performance vehicles.”