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Delinte D7 Ultra High Performing Tire

Delinte D7 Ultra High Performance

Landsail LS588 Ultra High Performing

Landsail LS588 Ultra High Performance

Landsail LS588 Ultra High Performing

What are Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tires?    

You may be wondering what the difference is between Performance tires and other tire categories, particularly “high performing” ones. Shouldn't all tires perform well when they’ve come straight out of the factory? When we refer to “performance” in the tire world, we’re not referring to solely functionality and reliability. The definition in this sense is closer to how you would typically use “performative”.  These tires are designed to meet the acceleration strength of a luxury vehicle, sports or muscle car, from EVs to those with a V8 engine, and provide better handling. They perform better than regular passenger tires at higher speeds and are considered safer in a variety of weather conditions. Some might say that they help the driver “show-off” their vehicle. 

What should I look for in a UHP tire? 

When researching UHPs, you should look for the specific features that are going to optimize your kind of car or the type of driving you plan to do. For instance, most UHPs will show a specific rating like V, W and Y. This means it’s been tested at certain speeds and are considered safe to drive for sustained periods at those speeds: For example, the following letter ratings indicate the speeds that a UHP tire would be safe to drive at if they displayed these letters:

V: 148 MPH 

W: 168 MPH

Y: 186 MPH

While you might not be planning to drive at that fast on a regular basis, the rating will give you the assurance that you can do so safely without the tires blowing out. Another common feature in a UHP is better tread/handling on wet surfaces. So if you’d like to be able to zip around town and hug corners tightly without releasing out, you’ll want tires that are specifically designed to grip the road and evacuate water quickly so that your vehicle's "performance potential" isn’t dependent on the weather or road quality.

High Performance tires (a step down from UHPs) will also give you better handling at high speeds, but will balance the level of grip with the tread life of the tire, making them more efficient and economical. 

What are Sentury’s UHP recommendations?

Delinte recently released the DYNAMX SPORT 2 with a range of impressive features like Ultra-wide Tread Grooves which use QST Technology to suppress the formation of water turbulence, allowing faster water evacuation and improving performance in wet conditions. Another new addition to the Delinte UHP line is the DST1 which has 3D Sipes to ensure increased road traction and the even distribution of pressure for better control during winter driving. In the Landsail collection, we recommend the LS588 UHP tire which is designed with the LS Silica Compound to increase flexibility in low temperatures and traction on wet surfaces.

If you’re looking for a performance tire to match the class and speed potential of your luxury/sports vehicle, you’ll want to select a UHP that meets your specific needs. A UHP will provide the “performance” you are looking for during leisurely driving, while also maintaining safety standards and ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride.

For a full list of Sentury’s UHP options, see links below. 

Sentury’s selection of UHP tires: