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Check Back During SEMA for Daily Updates
We know you don’t want to miss anything, so we’ll be posting SEMA 2023 recaps and updates DAILY here on the Sentury Blog. Be sure to check back each day to stay in the loop!


Sentury's Exciting New Releases from Landsail, Delinte, Delinte TBR and Groundspeed TBR on display at the 2023 SEMA Show!
We are thrilled to announce the launch of several exceptional tire models and collaborations that are sure to enhance your driving experience. Delinte Tires, Groundspeed TBR, and Volkswagen brand ambassador Jaime Orr have exciting offerings in store for you at the 2023 SEMA show.

Come and check out the Volkswagen ID. BUZZ Cargo Van with Jaime Orr
Get an exclusive look at the 2023 VW ID. Buzz Cargo van imported from Europe in our collaboration with Volkswagen fanatic Jamie Orr. Landsail Tires has imported the unique panel van for display at the 2023 SEMA show (shown below). This build will showcase the 21” RapidDragon Racing tire from Landsail.

Delinte Showcases New Tires: DST1, DST2, and the DYNAMX DS2 Powerline
Delinte Tires is proud to introduce the powerful Powerline DYNAMX DS2, DST1, and DST2, designed to provide performance, durability, and safety. This series is engineered to enhance your driving experience and ensure a smooth journey on the road.

Groundspeed TBR Launches New Tire Models
Groundspeed TBR introduced four new tire models to their range, catering to various trucking needs, including the:

Open Shoulder Drive Regional

Open Shoulder Drive Construction/Mixed Service

All Position Mixed Service (385/65R22.5 and 425/65R22.5 in 20-ply)

These models are designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability for specific trucking conditions.

Delinte TBR has Expanded its Product Lineup 
Delinte TBR is proud to showcase seven new tire models at the 2023 SEMA show, offering a comprehensive range to meet diverse requirements; these include:

DL-CSD-R01 Regional - Closed-Shoulder Drive

DL-OSD-R01  Regional - Open-Shoulder Drive

DL-AP-R01 Regional - All-Position

DL-TRL-L01 Long Haul - Trailer

DL-OSD-C01  Mixed Service - Closed-Shoulder Drive

DL-AP-C01 Mixed Service - All-Position Wide

DL-APW-C01  Mixed Service - All-Position

In addition to all the new activity going on inside the booth, we will unveil three remarkable feature vehicles outside, each representing a unique blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge tire technology. These vehicles will be showcased in front of the main entrance to the south hall, ensuring you experience automotive excellence up close.

Adventure-Ready 1998 Volkswagen LT Sprinter Van by Jaime Orr and Velocity TV Embark on a journey of adventure with the original 1998 Volkswagen LT Sprinter van, meticulously transformed for road trips by renowned builder Jaime Orr, in collaboration with Velocity TV. This must-see build promises an unforgettable exploration experience and showcases the epitome of adventure travel.

2023 GMC Sierra 6x6 by Esteem Garage
Esteem Garage, based in Doral FL, will be presenting a powerhouse of a vehicle - the 2023 GMC Sierra 6x6. Equipped with the latest FOX Suspension and wrapped with Delinte DX-12 R/T Tires, this six-wheeled beast embodies the perfect blend of style, performance, and off-road capabilities. Prepare to be captivated by this exceptional creation.

2023 Ford Raptor 6x6 by Esteem Garage
Esteem Garage takes innovation to the next level with the 2023 Ford Raptor 6x6, featuring the premier Landsail CLX-10 All-Terrain Tires. This monstrous 6x6 configuration promises unparalleled off-road adventures, showcasing the epitome of versatility and Raptor power.

Sentury Tire USA, Delinte Tires, Landsail Tires, and Groundspeed TBR are committed to transforming the tire industry to provide you with unmatched top-tier performance and safety on the road. 

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to follow us on all social media platforms to witness the future of driving technology! #SEMA2023 #SEMAshow2023.

Behind The Scenes shooting the VW ID. Buzz
It was a midnight mission with the whole media team. It was a cold night in Las Vegas. The temperature got down to 49 degrees. This was night one of filming and photographing the new VW. It was a surreal experience shooting the van utilizing the lighting of the Las Vegas Sphere.




Rolling and Roll-in
We wrapped up the filming and photography of the VW ID. Buzz before it was rolled into the show. We made the final touches on the booth before opening day. It was tricky getting the van in position but we managed with team effort. We are in the process of having an edit of the VW ID. Buzz finished for viewing this week.


Day 1 of SEMA

The booth is done, the product is on display, and the Buzz is buzzing.




Day 2 of SEMA

The Landsail Tires VW ID. Buzz video is live!


Day 3 of SEMA

Landsail Tires LS588 Ultra High-Performance tire featured on "REMI", the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback with a FE 427 Tunnelport engine, displayed at the Rotary Lift booth.



SEMA 2023 Highlights

GroundSpeed Tires

GroundSpeed Tires displays GroundSpeed TBR's 4 new commercial tire models, expanding their line to 8 models, specially designed for the varied needs of today's commercial trucks.



Delinte Tires

Delinte D7 Ultra High-Performance tires featured on the Honda/Acura NSX at the Kalon Wheels booth in a tribute to JDM tuning. What is JDM? JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market.

255/30r20 (Front) and 305/25r20 (Rear)





Landsail Tires

The Coating Farm Ceramics booth displayed "Mazzi", a sleek 1968 Ford Mustang 427.

Mazzi is outfitted with Foose Wheels: 17x7 Fronts with 18x9 Rears, and

Landsail LS588 Ultra High-Performance tires: 225/45r 17 Front, and 265/35r18 Rear.




Behind the Scenes at SEMA

Jamie Orr behind the scenes with the VW ID. Buzz at the Sentury Booth.



Behind the scenes with the media team. The team is working hard to put together more amazing content to share. Keep checking back for the upcoming video!



A SEMA weekend photoshoot was on location at Lake Mead with Jamie Orr's 1998 Volkswagen LT, featuring Delinte's Bandit A/T DX10 All-Terrain tires. The shoot was far from seamless, but worthwhile. There's nothing like camping with a vehicle like this!



During SEMA this year, the crew took advantage of the stunning Boulder City Dry Lake Bed to shoot this Toyota Tundra, outfitted with Landsail's CLX10 Rangeblazer A/T tires. The forecast predicted 56 degrees, but out here in the desert it was a chilly 39 degrees!



Also in the photoshoot, a vibrant Jeep High Tide and a rugged Ram TRX at the Boulder City Dry Lake Beds, a popular spot for ATV, 4x4 and Off-Road enthusiasts to let loose and kick up some dust.

The Jeep High Tide features Delinte's DX9 Bandit M/T Mud-Terrain tires, and the Ram TRX is outfitted with Delinte's DX10 A/T All-Terrain tires.





Behind the scenes at the photoshoot with the hardworking media crew!



Thanks for your support at SEMA 2023!

Our team had an exciting time at SEMA and loved seeing all the enthusiasm around the Buzz and Sentury’s other fantastic builds. SEMA is regarded as the most important convention for automotive enthusiasts, so we are happy to have left a lasting impression. Thank you to all of our valued industry partners who attended and supported us this year at SEMA 2023.

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