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Sentury Tire USA has released its first line of Smartway certifed products through its GroundSpeed brand. The SmartWay® verification program provides a way for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help offset the amount of emissions produced by the ever-growing number of fleet vehicles in the US. Implemented in 2004, the program evaluates the ability of Lower Rolling Resistance tires (LRRs) to reduce resistance and improve fuel economy for class 8 tractor-trailers.

According to the EPA, it is projected that transport emissions from global freight transportation vehicles will surpass those of passenger vehicles by 2050. Selecting SmartWay-certified products for freight vehicles and becoming a SmartWay partner ensures transportation companies are lessening their impact on the environment as the demand for their services grows. The EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership also helps companies achieve their freight supply chain sustainability goals by providing credible tools, data, and standards to measure, benchmark, and improve environmental performance. In short, purchasing Smartway-certified tires ensures you will be using less fuel, making them more environmentally-friendly and cost effective. 

GroundSpeed’s TBR line now includes the GSFS01 and GSKS02 which are both SmartWay-certified products.  

“We’re excited to be able to contribute to the SmartWay movement,” said Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President of Sentury Tire USA. “Our newly certified tires keep fleet vehicle owners competitive from a cost and emissions saving standpoint.” 

According to a SmartWay Vision report issued by the EPA in 2020, it is estimated that SmartWay partners have saved six billion gallons of fuel, lowered fuel costs by $20.6 billion and reduced carbon emissions by over 60 million metric tons since the program’s inception in 2004. 

Due to ever-increasing e-commerce sales and consequently, transport emissions, Sentury will continue to prioritize designing select class 8 tractor-tires to meet the SmartWay criteria to meet the burgeoning demand.  

To find out more about Groundspeed’s certified tires, visit and be sure to look for the SmartWay certified symbol when making your selection.