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Sentury Tire USA believes in building strong alliances with all of its customers. To understand the impact of these valuable relationships, we plan to showcase conversations with each of our partners to illustrate how pivotal their contribution is to the successful running of our company. Our first conversation will launch in Fall 2020.

EX3 Interviews

One Topic, Three Questions for Our Executives and Industry Leaders.


We asked our Executive Vice President Maxwell Wee, three questions about how the Sentury Brands meet the growing demand for performance and light truck products.

In this COVID-Era, Sentury is determined to meet the needs of it’s customers, how is Sentury Tire USA doing this?

Early on in the pandemic, we took all necessary precautions with alternating work schedules, wearing proper PPE, and working from remote offices. We saw it as an opportunity to improve efficiency and introduce more technical/software solutions to our business. In addition to the social distancing challenges we also saw a large uptick in demand during Covid-19. This caused our staff to find even more solutions in order to meet those demands including increased virtual communication in order to keep our customers happy.

Is there a particular product that is experiencing particularly high demand at the moment?

Yes, we have been experiencing a substantial increase in demand for smaller diameter original equipment sizes and light truck highway terrain tires. We suspect it may be due to many factories temporarily closing. In addition, consumers are being smart with their money and want high-quality products without overpaying.
This is a trend we have been benefiting from for some time and has been more realized during the COVID era.

What product category do you see growth in next?

We foresee growth in the CUV/SUV and Light Truck tires. Consumers are becoming more and more open to tier three and four brands. The quality of our product speaks for itself and our partners trust that quality so we expect these three categories to continue to grow considerably in the near future. We have had much success with our light truck products and look forward to an even brighter future for this category.

Maxwell Wee on Linkedin